Jazz on Screen

Jan Hasenöhrl has a continuing appreciation for the chance to collaborate with a number of other great jazzmen. Together with Vít Pospíšil, Lukáš Chejn, Tomáš Uhlík and Ondřej Pomajsl, Jan Hasenöhrl has performed music from the films Elevator to the Gallows and Mo' s Better Blues. This, along with a Vladimir Cosma concert, was the inspiration to create the independent Jazz on Screen project which features selected gems from films such as Salut l’artiste, Filc o voyou and other cult classics.

CNSO conducted by Carl Davis, with music from films including Chinatown, Rocky, Hail the Artist, Cop or Hood, Three Days of the Condor, Last Tango in Paris, In the Heat of the Night, Treme, and more.